Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition

Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition 1.2

It s a hard drive configuration expert for rapidly troubleshooting Servers

This server edition of Aomei’s Dynamic Disk Manager brings together in a single application all the tools you need to better manage all the space of the disks attached to your server. It manages your disks so that the available unallocated space is always maximized, and your spanned, striped, or mirrored volumes are structured and organized in a way that maximizes your system’s performance.

With Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition all the space available in all your array can be deleted, formatted, resized, shrinked, or extended just as easily as if you were dealing with a single hard disk. You will not need to re-create your entire array every time you decide to re-distribute your disks’ space, or be afraid of an accidental data loss. Thus, this excellent space management server tool perfectly combines data integrity with simplicity of use to create a solid though simple disk manager.

This simplicity of use has been perfectly translated into a simple yet powerful wizard-based interface. This interface offers you four different wizards to perform the four basic functions it offers – create a new volume, add a drive to an existing RAID, remove a drive from a RAID, and move a volume slice to a different location. There is an extra feature called “Manage Basic Disk” which is merely a link to Aomei Partition Assistant, a different tool that you need to download separately from the links provided. The Create Volume feature, allows you to build new simple, spanned, or striped volumes, whose differences and advantages are clearly explained by the wizard itself. Both the Add Drive and Remove Drive wizards will seamlessly handle striped volumes (RAID0) and RAID-5 volumes, and will clearly show you the changes in capacity that each volume will suffer. Finally, the Move Volume Slice function will let you “play around” with your dynamic volume’s slices just if they were folders in a hard disk.

Probably the main asset of the server version reviewed here is the fact that regardless of the operation it performs, this will never affect the integrity of your disks, the data they contain, or the whole structure of an existing array.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Step-by-step wizards to guide to each and every operation
  • Clear and well-structured interface
  • Self-explanatory interface


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